What's it cost..?

“it depends” – I’m afraid this is your answer. What makes up the cost of a website is not only the way it ‘looks’, but how it works as part of its larger functionality. If you want your website to do more than look pretty, for example, if you need user registration system, or the website needs to integrate with an E-Commerce platform to sell your products, then this is all going to factor into your website design quote.

The cost estimator on this page runs through a simplified process of what we look at when pricing up a website, and is a really good tool for getting an idea without chatting.

If you’re still in early stages and need a rough idea, here is a rough guide of our website prices with different levels of functionality:

  • Custom design added to a modified template theme approx. 5 pages: from approx. £200 – £500
  • Custom design (not template) website approx. 5 pages: from approx. £750-3000.
  • Custom website design, Advanced functionality and project management: approx. £1500-4000.
  • Small Ecommerce website to sell online – approx. from £1000 depending on spec.
  • Enterprise level Ecommerce website – this very much depends on spec. Typically from £2,500.

Please Note: These prices are rough estimates and given at time of writing (July 2020)

I offer a free no obligation proposal for all potential website design projects. Just get in touch, and I will be happy to help.

What other costs are there..?

Website hosting – once your website is built, it needs somewhere to be hosted. This is what allows your website to appear live on the internet.

Managed website hosting starts at £45.00 per month. Our servers load websites up to 5x faster than shared hosting services offered by companies such as GoDaddy. This cost also includes 24/7 UK hosting support, Managed Firewall, and an SSL certificate as well as support and design time.

If you need hosting only and prefer to manage all maintenance and up keep then unlimited hosting starts from £4.95pm

Email Hosting – most of the time you’re going to need an email address. Not a Gmail, but something like info@yourdomainname.com

Our exchange email hosting is now included free of charge (previously £5pm), and includes guaranteed email delivery (no issues with your emails ending up in spam or junk), and 1gb per mailbox.

Domain registration – If needed, you will need a domain name for your website. This comes with an annual fee of approx. £7-20 a year, depending on the name you opt for.

SSL certificates – With the increased need for security online, we now offer an SSL certificate included as part of our website hosting service.

Content creation – As part of our web builds, we are able to offer website content creation. Future modifications or alterations can be made using the allocated time in the plan you choose.

Maintenance & support – We offer flexible monthly retainers to provide ongoing technical support and modifications, example you need regular content uploaded as well as website updates as and when required.

Hire Me – Always on hand to do whatever it is you need, whenever you need it.

Please Note: These prices are rough estimates and given at time of writing (July 2020)

I want a logo/business cards/additional graphic design..can I have them too?

Sure, we also offer graphic design, including:

  • Logo design
  • Business card design
  • Brochure design
  • Letter heads, comp slips
  • Email design
  • Social Media design

Graphic design costs are additional to website design cost. Check out the full list by clicking the button below or use the form at the bottom of this page to get in touch.

I can’t afford to pay all at once, what can I do?


Paying the full price upfront without seeing the end product first can be a bit daunting. Because of this, all our website builds offer to work off a 4 phase process which staggers the payment into stages. This makes the site more affordable and allows you to see your website progress before making full payment:

From your requirements, the design of the website is created. We’ll work closely during this phase, exchanging ideas until we arrive at the final design for your website. Factors such as the organisation’s brand and target audience play a key part in developing the overall visual style of the site. By the end of this first stage, I deliver the design of the website and all subsequent pages in PDF format to be signed off.

25% of the overall cost of the project is due at the beginning of this phase.
Deisgn & Development
During this phase, the graphic elements from the final prototype are used to develop a digital version of the approved design. You will receive a testing link to view the design and a framework for the website’s operation on a staging server ( this is not the completed website. Some backend development will not yet be in place so not all functionality will be available).

25% of the overall cost of the project is due at the beginning of this phase.
Live Site
This is the phase in which the website functionality is developed and content populated as outlined in the proposal. For Ecommerce websites, this means adding products, and set up of shipping and payment capabilities. Products and pricing sent by you and added to the site where applicable. If copywriting or new content is required, this will also be developed at this stage.

25% of the overall cost of the project is due at the beginning of this phase.
Live Site Launch
Before site launch, testing will be carried out in staging in order to ensure that the site functions as per requirements, as well as testing for website responsiveness in mobile/browser considerations. In the cases where search engine optimisation is required, this will also be performed during this phase. Update your website’s content with ease with full CMS access.

The final 25% of payment is due at the end of this phase, and the project is signed off to go live.

Web Design Cost Calculator

The cost calculator will provide a summary of your requirements and highlights the additional features, accurate pricing, custom functionality & everything else you want to create your dream website… Just fill out the questions and I will provide an estimate for your website design.

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