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An easy to use (Do-it-Yourself) Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tool design for Small and Medium Businesses. SEO optimisation can be expensive, but this add-on will help you to optimise your website for search engines like Google and to improve your ranking, which leads to more traffic, all for a very low price.

To benefit from our SEO Pro plan, you don’t need to be an expert in search engine optimisation nor have a lot of technical knowledge. Our SEO plan explains in easy to follow steps what you can do to optimise your site and how to go about it.

How Does It Work?

Our Pro Tools automatically scan a website and generates a step-by-step SEO plan to help businesses increase website traffic and rankings.

The SEO Pro plan offers a comprehensive website analysis by presenting you with an SEO report containing various sections. The first one of these sections goes over your site’s major technical errors, and then goes even further and provides you with small but important changes you can make to improve performance, as well as larger, more technical changes that will also have an impact on your traffic and rankings.

Here you will see how elements such as your site’s size, speed and technical errors contribute to your visitors’ experience.

Our systems will monitor your website every 24 hours with SEO Pro, looking for warnings and checking the technical health of your website. As you complete each of the tasks related to this section, we will explain why these elements are important, and continually remind you of actions you can take to improve your visitors’ experience.

Get real time data from your Dashboard and regular progress reports.

Our keyword tool allows you to research keywords, match them to a page on your site, and guides you through complete optimisation of that page.

See how your SEO efforts stack up to your main competitors’ metrics!

The tasks the customer needs to complete in order to improve traffic and visibility in search engines. Including step by step instructions.

Instantly see an audit covering on-page analysis, keyword rankings, backlinks, speed, mobile checks and more.

Why SEO?

How does this help your business?

of small businesses use SEO
of SMBs indicate they plan to add it to their activities/spend in the next year
of those SMBs who do use SEO reported a positive ROI from their investment

New Customers


An optimized website attracts more traffic and achieves better search rankings, which lead to potential customers making a site visit.

The first position on page 1 of search results gets about 20.5% of all the clicks!

Higher conversion rates


An optimized website is user friendly, loads quickly and attracts and retains better qualified visitors that are more likely to turn into new customers.

SEO leads have a 14.6% close rate compared to only 1.7% for outbound leads such as print advertisements.

Brand awareness


Following optimisation guidelines for backlinks with valuable and relevant content leading to better positioning and higher brand awareness.

How do our Pro Tools improve SEO?

First, by understanding the website’s SEO issues.

Generating the SEO report will show how the site is performing across important SEO categories such as keyword rankings, site loading time, content mix, social activity, and usability on mobile devices. Plus, you have automatic submittion of the website to the major search engines.

Next, start improving the site’s SEO—Pro Tools will tell you exactly how to do it.

Customised, easy-to-follow steps to start improving the site’s traffic, visibility, and Google rankings.

Clear, step-by-step tasks and recommendations in plain English that don’t require a marketing expert or computer programmer to implement
Learn about SEO while improving the site!

How? - Runs over 100 expert checks and verifications

  • Overview of any major technical errors
  • Small, important changes for improvement
  • Evaluate site size and speed
  • Monitor every 24 hours

Optimise for search engines

Pro Tools submits the website to the major search engines—Google, Yahoo!, and Bing after sign up.

  • Continuous checks to see where the site ranks in web searches
  • List of pages from the site that have yet to be prepared for optimisation by associating them with a specific keyword
  • List of pages that you have already associated with a keyword

Checking the content

Pro tools offers recommendations that will make the site more visable

  • Tasks that are critical to the site’s optimisation
  • Content with attractive design also needs be helpful, relevant and well-written
  • Create new content consistently
  • More code than content? No blog?

Mobile Responsive

evaluates how well your website functions on smartphones and tablets

  • Advice to ensure the website is speedy and easy to use on mobile
  • Eliminating unnecessary design elements
  • Offering website visitors the information they are looking for as quickly and easily as possible

Increase popularity

Pro Tools gauges the website’s “popularity”

  • How to boost the number of inbound links
  • High quality (credible) links pointing to it (recommending it), and in turn it also has links towards high quality sites
  • Earn trust and authority with search engines

Be social

Pro Tools looks at social engagement and activity.

  • Pointers to improve social media visibility
  • Generate leads, and increase awareness of the brand
  • Drive traffic back to the site
  • How many times has the site been shared?

SEO Pro Tools

£ 28.00

Monthly Recurring
  • Downloadable SEO Report in PDF
  • Custom SEO plan with tasks
  • Step by step instructions for each task in your report
  • Daily updated report and plan
  • Monthly progress report
  • Optimisation tool for every page
  • Up to 20 Keyword Tracking & Optimising
  • Up to 4 Competitor Monitoring

SEO Pro Tools FAQ

SEO is only for biiiiig budgets

It's can be very expensive. This is because well executed SEO plan can bring results in terms of growth and in the long run, SEO investment can be a good investment.

SEO basics bring results. Just by improving a website and creating optimised content, your website receives more qualified traffic, and with our SEO Pro tools plan you have the exact how-to guides with step-by-step instructions on how to optimise your website yourself all for a great low price.

Can someone do this for me?

The tools are completely beginner-friendly, but we can offer to do all this work for you. It comes included in our Hire A Creator plan or you can buy post sign up support in our store. We offer the tool because we know SEO can be costly, this tool gives you complete control and guidance for a low cost., then an example cost will be 1 hour work per week costs £80pm.

Do I need this?

If you are unsure then get in touch via the form below.

If you are selling goods or services online and you want to increase online visibility, traffic and gaining new potential clients, then yes. Competition is everywhere so it is important to be ranked as high as possible in search engines to reach the wider audiences. Even if you are not selling goods or services but you still want to be seen, then an SEO plan will help you accomplish this.

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